Table 1

First survey demographics*

Participant categoryAge range (years)Pessary experience
210 complete responses (166 online and 44 paper responses) from:
Women (n=71)30–8972% had experience of current or previous pessary use ranging from ‘less than 2 weeks’ to ‘over 5 years’
HCPs (n=87)18–6961% with experience of fitting pessaries
Those identifying as being both HCP and a woman with experience of prolapse (n=27)18–8974% had experience of fitting pessaries
44% had used a pessary for ranging from ‘2 weeks to 6 months’ and ‘over 5 years’
Carers (n=5)30–69
Other respondents (n=17) included researchers, women with an interest in prolapse, Pilates teachers
  • *Three missing values.

  • HCP, healthcare professional.