Table 2

Second survey demographics

Participant categoryAge range (years)Pessary experience
278 completed responses (255 online and 23 paper responses) from:
Women (n=114)18—‘over 80’58% with experience of pessary use ranging from ‘less than 2 weeks’ to ‘over 5 years’
9% having refused a pessary
HCPs (n=76)18–8092% treating women with prolapse
38% fitting pessaries
Those identifying as being both HCP and a woman with experience of prolapse (n=26)77% in the age range ‘31–59’96% with personal experience of pessary use
15% fitting pessaries
69% treating women with prolapse
Other (n=11) including carers, retired HCPs, researchers and Pilates instructors31–80
Did not indicate demographics (n=52)
  • HCP, healthcare professional.