Table 4

Characteristics of patients in publications

IndicationAge of patients* (median, IQR)Number of men (median, IQR)†Number of women (median, IQR)†
Oncology59 (51–62)307 (131–681)212 (100–281)
HIV/AIDS35 (33–36)470 (48–487)75 (27–125)
Other‡37 (27–58)110 (36–311)51 (20–243)
Total56 (44–61)184 (58–514)141 (46–263)
  • *Excluded: no age given=9 studies, only mean age given=5 studies, not stated if age mean or median=2 studies, median age given for only part of study population=1 study.

  • †Excluded: women only=4 studies, men only=1 study, sex breakdown not given=3 studies.

  • ‡Central neuropathic pain, clotting disorders, hepatitis C, influenza, Parkinson’s disease, paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria, stroke.