Table 5

Model estimates for ‘simple’ and adjusted annual total income and work income over time for injured (n=21 639) and comparison (n=596 133) ‘participants’

Geometric mean ratio (GMR; injured/comparison)
‘Simple’ GMR*Adjusted GMR†
Total income
 Year 10.973(0.967 to 0.979)0.970(0.964 to 0.976)
 Year 20.941(0.934 to 0.948)0.942(0.935 to 0.949)
 Year 30.932(0.924 to 0.940)0.933(0.925 to 0.941)
Work income‡
 Year 10.790(0.774 to 0.806)0.767(0.753 to 0.782)
 Year 20.702(0.684 to 0.721)0.700(0.683 to 0.719)
 Year 30.699(0.677 to 0.721)0.708(0.686 to 0.730)
  • *Estimate obtained from model adjusting for baseline total income only.

  • †Estimate obtained from model adjusting for baseline total income, age group, sex, ethnicity, chronic conditions, deprivation, region and industry.

  • ‡A small constant was added to each participant’s work income so that the geometric mean could be calculated for participants with no work income.