Table 1

Executive function abilities and processing speed

Assessed abilitiesApplied assessment tools
Inhibition and interferenceStop-Signal Task (stop-signal reaction time)
Color Word Interference Task (D-KEFS)
Working memoryDigit Span forward/backward (WISC-IV)
Corsi Block Tapping Test
TAP Working Memory (TAP 2.3)
Cognitive flexibilityTrail Making Task (D-KEFS)
TAP Flexibility (TAP 2.3)
PlanningTower Task (D-KEFS)
FluencyVerbal Fluency (RWT)
Design Fluency (D-KEFS)
Executive functions in everyday lifeParent rating (BRIEF questionnaire)
Processing speedCoding, Symbol Search (both WISC-IV)
Stop-Signal Task (mean reaction time of correct go trials)
  • Study-specific test battery to assess executive functions and processing speed.

  • BRIEF, Behaviour Rating Inventory of Executive Functions; D-KEFS, Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System; RWT, Regensburger Verbal Fluency Test (Regensburger Wortflüssigkeitstest); TAP, Test Battery for Attention Testing (Testbatterie zur Aufmerksamkeitsprüfung); WISC-IV, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Fourth Edition.