Table 2

List of applied questionnaires

Assessed domains and subdomainsQuestionnaireCompleted by*
Information on child
 Information on health and academic outcomeDetailed information on schooling, health concerns and leisure activitiesParents
 Behavioural screening: emotional symptoms, conduct problems, hyperactivity/inattention, peer relationship problems, prosocial behaviourStrength and Difficulty Questionnaire55 Parents
 Autistic traits screeningSocial and Communication Disorder Checklist56 Parents
 Health-related quality of life: physical, psychological well-being, autonomy and parent relation, peers and social support, school environmentKidscreen-2757 Parents and children
Information on parents
 Executive function abilities relevant for everyday life: inhibit, shift, emotional control, self-monitor, initiate, working memory, plan/organise, task monitor and organisation of materialsBehaviour Rating Inventory of Executive Functions-Adult version58 Parents
 Physical and mental health: vitality, physical functioning, bodily pain, general health perceptions, physical role functioning, emotional role functioning, social role functioning, mental healthShort Form Health Survey59 Parents
Information on family
 Family socioeconomic statusDetailed information on for example, parental age, nationality, marital status, first language, maternal and paternal education and occupation, current living arrangements and financial situationParents
 Quality of family environment: family cohesion, expressiveness, conflictFamily Relationship Index60 Parents
 Perceived social support for the familySocial Support Questionnaire (F-SozU-14)61 Parents
 Parenting: positive parenting behaviour, involvement, (poor) monitoring, inconsistent discipline, authoritarian parenting, responsible parenting, corporal punishmentGerman version of the Alabama parenting Questionnaire for elementary school children (DEAPQ-EL-GS)62 Parents
 Quality of parent–child interaction: cohesion, identification, autonomy, conflicts, rejection/neglect, punishment, emotional burden, fears/overprotection, aidParental-Representation-Screening-Questionnaire (Elternbild-Fragebogen, EBF-KJ)63 Children
 Critical life events12-item list of critical life eventsParents
  • *Questionnaires are completed by at least one parent.