Table 6

Associated psychosocial issues for pregnant women reporting intimate partner violence (IPV) compared with those who do not

IPV reported (%)IPV not reported (%)P valuesOR (95% CI)
Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale ≥137.62.1<0.0013.57 (2.84–4.47)
Thoughts of self-harm2.40.5<0.0015.55 (3.73–8.25)
Illegal drug use risk4.300.73<0.0016.11 (4.52–8.24)
Childhood abuse23.67.6<0.0013.74 (3.27–4.28)
Pregnancy-related anxiety risk5.92.1<0.0012.88 (2.26–3.67)
Work/relationship effect risk23.07.4<0.0013.76 (3.28–4.30)
Anxiety/depression risk34.214.0<0.0013.19 (2.84–3.60)
Worried about mess risk34.325.0<0.0011.57 (1.39–1.76)
Positive response to ‘are you generally confident’ question75.484.6<0.0010.24 (0.21–0.27)
Recent worry/stress risk47.222.2<0.0013.20 (2.81–3.52)
Emotional support risk8.64.4<0.0012.04 (1.67–2.50)
Mental health disorder7.071.72<0.0014.36 (3.46–5.48)
Family history of mental health disorder19.110.7<0.0011.97 (1.71–2.28)