Table 1

Demographics of 60 trial participants

MeasureControl group (n=30)Remote care group (n=30)
Age (years)
Distance from home to clinic (miles)
Cochlear implant manufacturer
 Advanced Bionics (AB)94
 Cochlear in one ear, AB in the other ear10
 Neurelec/Oticon Medical21
Speech processor
 AB Harmony11
 AB Naida94
 Cochlear CP81039
 Cochlear CP910104
 Cochlear Freedom21
 MED-EL Opus 249
 MED-EL Rondo12
 MED-EL Sonnet02
 Neurelec/Oticon Medical Saphyr21
Unilateral or bilateral implant
 No qualifications13
 Level 1 (1–4 GCSEs, Scottish Standard Grade or equivalent qualifications)31
 Level 2 (5 or more GCSEs, Scottish Higher, Scottish Advanced Higher or equivalent qualifications)43
 Level 3 (2 or more A-levels, HNC, HND, SVQ level 4 or equivalent qualifications)62
 Level 4+ (first or higher degree, professional qualifications or other equivalent higher education qualifications)1518
 Other qualifications10
Cochlear implant clinic
 Royal National Throat Nose and Ear, London12
  • GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Education; HNC, Higher National Certificate; HND, Higher National Diploma; SVQ, Scottish Vocational Qualification.