Table 2

Description of the clusters for the three educational groups

Higher educational levelIntermediate educational levelLower educational level
Absence of disease and functioning
  • Functioning and absence of disease

  • Absence of disease and disabilities

  • Absence of disease

Perceived health
  • Perceived health

Health-related behaviour
  • Nutrition

  • Health-related behaviour¬†

  • Body in balance

  • Health-related behaviour

  • Working on your health and access to healthcare

Access to healthcare
  • Access to health

  • Good healthcare

Social life
  • Having meaningful relations

  • Social competencies

  • Having a nice time together

  • Support from your environment

Physical environment
  • Environmental conditions

  • Physical environment

Attitude towards life
  • Lust for life

  • Resilience

  • Satisfaction and rest

  • Mentally fit

  • Satisfaction, and taking care of yourself

Autonomy and independence
  • Autonomy

  • Independency