Table 2

Purchases of sugar (g) per person and day in 2013 and share (%) of non-zero observations across the food groups

Food groupAverage sugar content*All householdsLow incomeMiddle incomeHigh income
g (SD)Total sugar purchased per day per person (g)†
 High-sugar soft drinks10.4 (1.7)
 Medium-sugar soft drinks6.5 (0.8)
 Low-sugar soft drinks1.0 (1.4)
 Other soft drinks (including milk based)7.5 (4.7)
Alcohol1.4 (1.9)
Sweet snacks
 Biscuits and cookies (including cereal fruit bars)29.8 (10.5)
 Chocolate and confectionery48.7 (11.9)
 Cake-type snacks19.9 (11.4)
Savoury snacks5.2 (8.1)
Fresh and frozen unprocessed meat, fish1.0 (1.8)
Dairy and eggs4.2 (5.0)15.719.615.911.4
Fruit and vegetables6.2 (7.3)17.620.717.914.2
Rest food and drink13.2 (19.2)57.874.257.439.4