Table 4

SSI analysis of available cases, stratified by sex

Antibiotic ProphylaxisControl groupP valuesAbsolute risk reduction95% CIRelative risk reduction (%)NNTB (95% CI)
Analysis of available cases
 No of SSIn=1n=8
 Incidence rate of SSI1.4%11.6%P=0.015*10.2%2.2 to (5.5 to 45.5)
Analysis of available cases stratified by sex
 Incidence rate of SSI0%
15.9% (n=7)P=0.018*15.9%5.2 to 26.61006.3 (3.8 to 19.2)
 Incidence rate of SSI2.5%
P=1.0*1.5%−7.6 to 10.637.566.7 (NNTH 13.2 to infinity to NNTB 9.4)
  • *P values are results of Fisher’s exact test.

  • NNTB, number needed to treat for benefit; NNTH, number needed to treat for harm; SSI, surgical site infection.