Table 3

Ranking of the clusters and statements in the three educational groups

Ranking of the clusters
1 (highest)NutritionAbsence of disease and disabilitiesAbsence of disease
2Perceived healthResilienceMentally fit
3Lust for lifeSatisfaction and restHaving a nice time together
4Having meaningful relationshipsAccess to good healthWorking on your health and access to healthcare
5AutonomyIndependencySatisfaction and taking care of yourself
6Environmental conditionsSocial competenciesSupport from your environment
7Functioning and absence of diseaseBody in balancePhysical environment
8Health-related behaviourGood healthcare
9 (lowest)Health-related behaviour
Ranking of the statements: five highest ranked
1 (highest)Feel physically and mentally wellBeing mentally clearBeing mentally healthy
2Having lust for lifeMental restHaving no stress
3Being able to enjoyBeing able to enjoyHaving no chronic disease
4Being able to be independentHaving sufficient energyGetting attention from your doctor
5 (lowest)Sufficient exerciseHaving no painHaving sufficient money for healthy food