Food group% of households that purchased products across the 4-week periods (non-zero observations)
 High-sugar soft drinks49455148
 Medium-sugar soft drinks13131414
 Low-sugar soft drinks69647272
 Other soft drinks (including milk based)55475865
Sweet snacks
 Biscuits and cookies (including cereal fruit bars)77767874
 Chocolate and confectionery69697067
 Cake-type snacks37373835
Savoury snacks80758282
Fresh and frozen unprocessed meat, fish91899292
Dairy and eggs99999999
Fruit and vegetables97969898
Rest food and drink99999999
  • High-sugar soft drinks: >8 g of sugar/100 mL; low-sugar soft drinks: <5 g of sugar/100 mL; medium-sugar soft drinks: 5–8 g of sugar/100 mL; other soft drinks: water, fruit juice with no added sugars and milk-based drinks.

  • *Average sugar content per 100 g/100 mL or item/unit (cake-type snacks and chocolate and confectionery) as reported in data.

  • †Sugar purchases per person across the food groups are based on full dataset of 2013 only (n=32 620), aggregated first to total GB using weights provided by Kantar Worldpanel and divided by number of persons (total GB and by income groups) and days in a year. Total GB population figures are based on Kantar Worldpanel estimates of the number of households in income brackets, taking into account the share of households of different sizes (one, two, three or four members and for households that had five or more members we used an average size of five). Total Great Britain population estimate (2013): ~59.5 million, from which 27% are in households with annual income <£20 000 (low income), 40% are in households with income £20 000–£49 000 (middle income) and 17% are in households with income >£50 000 (high income). Households for which income is unknown or unanswered are excluded (14%).

  • SSB, sugar-sweetened beverages.