Table 2

Comparison analyses of participants who completed the study to those who did not complete the study

CharacteristicParticipants completing study (n=142)Participants not
completing study (n=12)
Control groupn=69 (48.6%)n=8 (66.6%)
Mean age (SD) (years)66.2 (11.1)67.5 (11.2)
Malen=77 (54.2%)n=6 (50.0%)
Histology of lesion
 BCCn=107 (75.4%)n=10 (83.3%)
 SCCn=15 (10.6%)n=1 (8.3%)
 IECn=19 (13.4%)n=1 (8.3%)
 Dysplastic naevusn=1 (0.7%)n=0
Body site of lesion
 Nosen=100 (70.4%)n=8 (66.7%)
 Earn=42 (29.6%)n=4 (33.3%)
Smokern=10 (7.0%)n=3 (25.0%)
Diabetes mellitusn=16 (11.3%)n=2 (16.7%)
User of anticoagulant medicationn=36 (25.4%)n=2 (16.7%)
User of immunosuppressive medicationn=2 (1.4%)n=0
Median time to surgery (IQR) (min)50 (45–55)45 (36.25–50)