Table 1

Study settings, designs and sample sizes

AuthorsDesignDurationCountrySettingNumber and type of hospitals
Lumala et al, 201713 ITS10 monthsUgandaUrbanOne tertiary specialist hospital, catholic funded private non-profit
Mgaya et al , 201714 NCBA25 monthsTanzaniaUrbanOne tertiary specialist hospital
Kayiga et al, 201615 NCBA7 monthsUgandaUrbanOne tertiary specialist hospital
Mohd Azri et al, 201516 NCBA2 yearsMalaysiaUrbanOne tertiary specialist hospital
Gebrehiwot and Tewolde, 201417 NCBA18 monthsEthiopiaUrban10 public hospitals
Baltag et al, 201218 NCBA13 mothsMoldovaMixedThree mixed (referral-level facilities at municipal, national and district levels)
Kidanto et al, 201219 NCBA3 yearsTanzaniaUrbanOne teaching hospital
Sukhanberdiyev et al, 201120 and 
Hodorogea, 201021
NCBA2 yearsKazakhstanUrbanSix mixed (national research centre, regional and city hospitals)
Van den Akker et al, 201122 ITS2 yearsMalawiRural29 mixed (one referral hospital and 28 government, private and mission smaller facilities)
Bailey et al, 201023 NCBA2 yearsVietnamMixedFive mixed (provincial, area and district)
Van den Akker et al, 200924 NCBA1 yearMalawiRuralOne referral hospital+undefined numbers of health centres
Hunyinbo et al, 200825 NCBA13 monthsNigeriaUrbanOne tertiary specialist hospital
Kongnyuy et al, 200826 NCBA2 yearsMalawiMixed73 mixed (hospitals, health centres)
Kongnyuy et al, 200827 NCBA6 monthsMalawiRuralOne district hospital, 12 satellite health centres
Weeks et al, 200528 NCBA20 monthsUgandaUrbanOne teaching hospital
Wagaarachchi et al, 200129 NCBA26 monthsGhana and JamaicaUrbanFour district hospitals
  • ITS, intermittent time series; NCBA, non-controlled before and after study.