Table 1

Data collected in the French SUID registry

Collected dataData sources
MICUReferral centreForensic instituteOthers
Social and demographic conditions
 Date and place of birth (child)XX
 Gender (child)X
 Nationality (child and parents)X
 Ethnicity (child and parents)X
 Age (child and parents)X
 Educational level (parents)X
 Employment status (parents)X
 Marital status (parents)X
 Socioeconomic level (parents)X
 Household compositionX
 Type of social security benefits (parents)X
 Residency addressX
Personal and family medical history
 Multiple birthX
 Gestational ageX
 Birth weightX
 Small for gestational ageX
 Apgar score at 10 minX
 Other personal significant events during the perinatal period and early infancyX
 History of SUID and other sudden deaths in the familyX
 Consanguinity between parentsX
 Vaccination historyX
 Significant medical events in the 72 hours preceding the deathX
 Significant medications in the 72 hours preceding the deathX
Antenatal and current parental behaviours
 Alcohol consumptionX
 Other drug consumptionX
Infant feeding
 Breast feedingX
 Last meal before deathX
Death scene
 Date and time of deathX
 Place of death (address)X
 Time of last contactX
 Time of discoveryX
 Arrival time of MICUX
Usual and death sleep environment
 Sleep placeX
 Type of surfaceX
 Sleep position last placed/foundX
 Head positionX
 Presence and type of objects on the sleep surfaceX
 Thumb and pacifier useX
 Room heatX
 Infant dressingX
 Room sharingX
Nature and results of clinical examinations
 Skin appearanceXXX
 Body temperatureXXX
 Resuscitation manoeuvresXX
 Signs of autonomic dysfunctionXXX
 Blood chemistryXX
 Haematology testsXX
 Lumbar punctureXX
 Eye fundiXX
 Imagery investigations (CT scan, MRI)XX
 Classification of SUID cases by the medical team (Fleming)X
Biological samples
 Blood, hair, urine, faeces and CSFX
Other data
 History of health claim reimbursements (child and mother)X
 History of hospital admissions (child and mother)X
 Death certificate informationX
 Geocoding of the residency/death addressX
 Urbanicity of residency/death addressX
 Deprivation index of residency/death addressX
 Altitude of residency/death addressX
  • CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; MICU, mobile intensive care unit; SUID, sudden unexpected infant death.