Table 1

List of Rx-risk comorbidity categories, corresponding Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) codes, and score weightings in relation to 1-year mortality risk in Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) data.

Rx-risk comorbidity categoryATC codesDVA data
N (%)Weights for Rx-Risk Score
Alcohol dependencyN07BB01–N07BB99183 (0.1)6
AllergiesR01AC01–R01AD60, R06AD02–R06AX27, R06AB0416 684 (12)−1
AnticoagulantsB01AA03–B01AB06, B01AE07, B01AF01, B01AF02, B01AX0524 863 (18)1
AntiplateletsB01AC04–B01AC3052 525 (39)2
AnxietyN05BA01–N05BA12, N05BE0115 615 (12)1
ArrhythmiaC01AA05, C01BA01–C01BD01, C07AA0714 992 (11)2
Benign prostatic hyperplasiaG04CA01–G04CA99, G04CB01, G04CB02*9003 (7)0
Bipolar disorderN05AN01231 (0.2)−1
Chronic airways diseaseR03AC02–R03DC03, R03DX0533 244 (25)2
Congestive heart failureC03DA02–C03DA99, C07AB02—if PBS item code is 8732N, 8733P, 8734Q, 8735R, C07AB07, C07AG02, C07AB12, C03DA04 (C03CA01–C03CC01 and C09AA01–C09AX99, C09CA01–C09CX99)†23 975 (8)2
DementiaN06DA02–N06DA04, N06DX013868 (3)2
DepressionN06AA01–N06AG02, N06AX03–N06AX11, N06AX13–N06AX18, N06AX21–N06AX2643 354 (32)2
DiabetesA10AA01–A10BX9917 550 (13)2
EpilepsyN03AA01–N03AX9915 484 (11)0
GlaucomaS01EA01–S01EB03, S01EC03–S01EX9916 262 (12)0
Gastrooesophageal reflux diseaseA02BA01–A02BX0569 358 (51)0
GoutM04AA01–M04AC0113 723 (10)1
Hepatitis BJ05AF08, J05AF10, J05AF117 (0.01)NA
Hepatitis CJ05AB54, L03AB10, L03AB11, L03AB60, L03AB61, J05AE14, J05AE11–J05AE12, J05AX14, J05AX15, J05AX65, J05AB041 (0.0)NA
HIVJ05AE01–J05AE10, J05AF12–J05AG05, J05AR01–J05AR99, J05AX07–J05AX09, J05AX12, J05AF01–J05AF07, J05AF0942 (0.03)0
HyperkalaemiaV03AE01197 (0.2)4
HyperlipidaemiaA10BH03‡, C10AA01–C10BX0967 690 (50)−1
HypertensionC03AA01–C03BA11, C03DB01, C03DB99, C03EA01, C09BA02–C09BA09, C09DA02–C09DA08, C02AB01–C02AC05, C02DB02–C02DB99 (C03CA01–C03CCO1 or C09CA01–C09CX99)§71 867 (53)−1
HyperthyroidismH03BA02, H03BB01992 (1)2
HypothyroidismH03AA01–H03AA0213 438 (10)0
Irritable bowel syndromeA07EC01–A07EC04, A07EA01–A07EA02, A07EA06, L04AA331132 (1)0
Ischaemic heart disease: anginaC01DA02–C01DA14, C01DX16, C08EX0216 988 (13)2
Ischaemic heart disease: hypertensionC07AA01–C07AA06, C07AA08–C07AB01, C07AB02—if PBS item code is not 8732N, 8733P, 8734Q, 8735R, C07AG01, C08CA01–C08DB01, C09DB01–C09DB04, C09DX01, C09BB02–C09BB10, C07AB03, C09DX03, C10BX03¶49 947 (37)−1
IncontinenceG04BD01–G04BD995554 (4)0
Inflammation/painM01AB01–M01AH0623 510 (17)–1
Liver failureA06AD11, A07AA115034 (4)3
MalignanciesL01AA01–L01XX417689 (6)2
MalnutritionB05BA01–B05BA1016 (0.01)0
MigraineN02CA01–N02CX01708 (1)−1
Osteoporosis/Paget’sM05BA01–M05BB05, M05BX03, M05BX04, G03XC01, H05AA0221 448 (16)−1
PainN02AA01–N02AX02, N02AX06, N02AX52, N02BE5144 035 (33)3
Pancreatic insufficiencyA09AA02433 (0.3)0
Parkinson’s diseaseN04AA01–N04BX024237 (3)3
PsoriasisD05AA01–D05AA99, D05BB01 D05BB02, D05AX02, D05AC01–D05AC51, D05AX521224 (1)0
Psychotic illnessN05AA01–N05AB02, N05AB06–N05AL07, N05AX07–N05AX137714 (6)6
Pulmonary hypertensionC02KX01–C02KX05, PBS item code 9547L, 9605M40 (0.03)6
Renal diseaseB03XA01–B03XA03, A11CC01–A11CC04, V03AE02, V03AE03, V03AE051816 (1)6
Smoking cessationN07BA01–N07BA03, N06AX121145 (1)6
Steroid-responsive diseaseH02AB01–H02AB1019 106 (14)2
TransplantL04AA06, L04AA10, L04AA18, L04AD01, L04AD02102 (0.1)0
TuberculosisJ04AC01–J04AC51, J04AM01–J04AM990NA
  • *Benign prostatic hyperplasia medicines are tested for gender—must be male. Females suffering from bladder obstructions can be prescribed medicines used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia.

  • †Must have at least two medicines prescribed with one of those medicines having an ATC code from C03CA01–C03CC01 and the other having an ATC code from either C09AA01–C09AX99 or C09CA01–C09CX99.

  • ‡Combination product for hyperlipidaemia and diabetes.

  • §Can have medicine dispensed with an ATC code C03CA01–C03CC01 or C09AA01–C09AX99, but not both, as this would indicate chronic heart failure.

  • ¶Combination product for hyperlipidaemia and ischaemic heart disease: hypertension.

  • N/A, not applicable.