Table 2

Characteristics of neonates periemergency medical services transport in five states in India, February–April 2014

Prehospital characteristics
 Gestational age (weeks) at transport
  Median (IQR)39.738.4–40.0
 Receiving hospital type
  Distance from scene to facility (km)159–23
  Time from call to facility (min)6550–84
  Rupture of membranes44331.0
  Vaginal bleeding1137.9
  Abnormal maternal vital recorded30122.1
  SBP≥140 and <160 or DBP≥90 and <11019213.4
  SBP≥160 or DBP≥110201.4
 Emergency medical technician actions
  Left lateral positioning136495.3
  Oxygen provided33123.1
  Intravenously placed16511.5
 Delivery characteristics
 When delivered
  Prior to ambulance arrival372.6
  After ambulance arrival and prior to hospital admission453.1
  Within 48 hours128589.8
  Within 7 days644.5
  Term (>37 weeks gestation)122385.5
  • DBP, diastolic blood pressure; HR, heart rate; NGO, non-governmental oragnisation; RR, respiration rate; SBP, systolic blood pressure.