Table 4

Characteristics and factors associated with perinatal mortality in five states in India, February–April 2014

AliveDeadP value
Maternal demographic characteristics
 Rural or tribal geography124392.47294.70.652
  Andhra Pradesh36427.11418.40.972
  Meghalaya251.956.6 0.019
 Social status
  Other caste27020.11215.80.356
  Non-other caste107179.66484.2
 Economic status
  Pink ration card39629.42431.60.639
  White ration card93069.15065.8
 Education level
  No prior schooling48936.43242.10.332
  Attended school81160.34255.3
 ≥2 years since prior delivery42331.42330.30.802
Maternal prenatal characteristics
 Prenatal iron supplementation112983.96078.90.248
 ≥1 visit with a physician104677.85775.00.532
 <4 Antenatal care visits67750.34964.5 0.019
Current maternal and neonatal care
 Any abnormal maternal vital sign26419.62735.5 0.019
 Caesarean section1078.01317.1 0.005
 Delivery prior to hospital admission735.467.90.361
 Intravenously placed in mother14811.01317.10.103
 Intravenous fluids given to mother564.2911.8 0.018
 Maternal tachycardia (heart rate≥100)1027.61013.20.081
 Left lateral position during transport128795.76990.8 0.047
 Premature rupture of membranes624.6810.5 0.021
 Preterm (<37 weeks)16712.41823.7 0.005
 Twin332.579.2 0.001
  • Numbers in bold are statistically signficant at p value <0.05.