Table 2

Associations between participant characteristics and clinically diagnosed or missed STIs*

aPR95% CI
Clinically diagnosed vaginitis and/or cervicitis
 Any positive lab result†1.070.61 to 1.90
 Positive PSA test1.420.91 to 2.20
 Unprotected sex in 2 days†0.960.52 to 1.77
 Age (increase 1 year)0.980.94 to 1.01
 Parity (increase of 1)0.980.83 to 1.17
 Single vs cohabiting, married, divorced0.990.59 to 1.67
 Did not complete high school1.190.73 to 1.93
 Four or more alcoholic drinks†1.600.68 to 3.80
 Ever received money or gifts in exchange for sex1.090.37 to 3.21
 Hormonal contraception in past month 1.65 1.07 to 2.54
 More than one partner in past month†1.180.50 to 2.77
Missed cases of laboratory-confirmed gonorrhoea, chlamydia, trichomonas‡
 Positive PSA test0.940.75 to 1.18
 Unprotected sex in 2 days1.140.90 to 1.46
 Age (increase 1 year) 0.98 0.97 to 1.00
 Parity (increase of 1)†1.030.96 to 1.09
 Single vs cohabiting, married, divorced†0.970.82 to 1.15
 Did not complete high school1.170.94 to 1.45
 Four or more alcoholic drinks0.910.54 to 1.55
 Ever received money or gifts in exchange for sex†0.880.61 to 1.23
 Hormonal contraception in past month1.180.95 to 1.46
 More than one partner in past month1.220.87 to 1.70
  • *Analysed with generalised estimating equations for repeated measures, adjusting for study arm.

  • †Additionally adjusting for baseline STI status.

  • ‡Defined as cases that were clinically diagnosed as healthy but had a laboratory-confirmed STI.

  • aPR, adjusted prevalence ratio; PSA, prostate-specific antigen; STI, sexually transmitted infection.