Table 3

Extracts from qualitative interviews

1[P]: The DSP includes this piece of equipment here, doesn’t it? [YY]: Yes. [P]: Well that’s the starting point. And that I think is very important for somebody like me, but I don’t have enough information that I need to advance on that. (DSP009 PWLD)
2He doesn’t want to go into group chat because… it sounds silly, but he doesn’t want people to know he has Alzheimer’s. (DSP002 Carer)
3I don’t know anyone living with dementia, quite honestly. (DSP013 PWD)
4I couldn’t see it being helpful for my husband. But I could see it could be helpful for me… I can see how it can be an advantage for a carer. (DSP001 Carer)
5I don’t think we’ve got… needs. We don’t have any physical problems or any other problems that needs anybody to support us… I honestly don’t think my husband has got dementia. (DSP009 Carer)
6… he used to fish and he used to…it was all outdoor things but nothing that he can do now. Nothing that he’s been able to keep up with. Whereas [P] has had some interested that he can keep up with, so I could see that Living It Up would be useful for some people. But at the moment, we don’t need it. (DSP001 Carer)
7I says to the lassie ken what really gets me is there’s naewhere for someone younger, it’s aw for people that are older and the disease is quite far along the way. (DSP011 Carer)
8I felt that a lot of the cases were people who were far advanced in the Alzheimer’s than [P] is. So I didn’t really think… I would say I didn’t really think it was relevant but that’s the wrong word. (DSP002 Carer)
9…mum doesn’t have carers coming in so that part of the platform probably isn’t all that helpful to us, you know, if you had lots of different people coming in then that would be helpful but we’re not really at that stage now. (DSP005 Carer)
10[LOJK] So this was Living It Up… [P] I might have got that through on the computer, cause quite often I just go to ‘dementia’ and see what pops up. This may be one of them that came up. (DSP001 PWD)
11The only way I think I’d use [Living It Up] is if I Googled something and it came up as the website that that information was on, so it probably would be if that came up by chance. (DSP005 Carer)
12[LOJK] How about Jointly? Did you feel that there was anything there that you liked about it? [C]: Possibly that it was good to know that we could call on people who were members of the circle, but you could do that anyway, y’know. (DSP009 Carer)
13[LOJK]… if you put something on Jointly would you… rely solely on Jointly, do you think. [C]: No. [P] puts it on his calendar, I put it on the phone. I put it on the calendar on my phone. And if it’s like an appointment or if we’ve got to be somewhere I put a reminder on, so it flashes up. [LOJK]:…It’s almost written down in three places. [C]: Four, because it also goes up on the calendar on the wall. (DSP002 Carer)
14[C]: And if I could get [P] intae it—I think maybe if [P] seen me on it and I said ‘what about this’ then he would take over I could just leave I’m with that and he can go through… You know once I showed him just click onto that and it’ll take you right into that eh. [LOJK]: So you think he would need to follow your lead? [C]: Aye, yeah. (DSP011 Carer)
15As I say, it’s [C] who pushes me on this, and I—I focus on financial affairs and things like that and she focuses on this and between the two of us we—we sort of know what I think mostly folk are wanting to do. (DSP001 PWD)
16[LOJK]: So, could you tell me maybe some of the reasons you didn’t feel comfortable using [Living It Up and Jointly], or um, that you found that you weren’t using them? [P]: I just let [C] use them. (DSP008 PWD)
17He doesn’t want to, he’s not keen on learning anything new. I did show him the Living It Up one and said tell me what you think about it. He says ok, just leave it there and I’ll have a look at it so the next time, about half an hour later… I said what do you think of it? He says it’s alright. He doesn’t want to learn anything new. It’s just the stage he’s at. (DSP001 Carer)
18[LOJK] If [P] sort of isn’t on board with it, does that, do you think that also prevents you from getting into it as well? [C]: I’ve been told. [LOJK] Right. Not to—[C]: I’ve been told not to. (DSP002 Carer)
19If I keep on at him, he blows. (DSP014 Carer)
20‘Are you looking after someone?’ Well, I’m not. So well, I kind of said, ‘oh, that’s really not for me.’ (DSP013 PWD)
21The Jointly one, now that really could be helpful and I started using it… the first one I did was urm ‘Dad and I are going up to Aberdeen and need a lift up to the bus station’… and immediately, of course all 4 got it, and 2 of them said sorry I can’t and the other 2 said I can, I’ll do the one and you do the other. (DSP001 Carer)
22Member of the circle, yeah, mhmm. Yeah, they both agreed [to join Jointly]. But since then, we honestly haven’t done anything. (DSP009 Carer)
23cos he messed it up, I think a couple of days after Lewis had came, he messed it up and I says, ‘What have you done?’ (DSP012 Carer)
24Just in the first place to know how to use it. I mean, like I say, switching it off was a nightmare. And I thought who I do I phone, well I phoned the next door neighbour but I don’t know. (DSP006 PWD)
25I don’t have any skills whatsoever in computers, apart from switching it on and switching it off. That’s the size of it. I would like very much if there was a class I could attend for something very basic. (DSP009 PWD)
26[SKS]: Is there anything that you didn’t like about the tablet? [P]: No, no. Except inexperience of using it. I went to the library and had a wee lesson there about emails. Because I wasn’t good at it, and one of the girls was good. And if I need any help I just go to the library, and they’re good. (DSP013 PWLD)
27But she’s not a teacher—she finds it very difficult… And it can be a bit upsetting as well. She’s much better than me but she’s not very happy trying to take me by the hand and leading me through the procedures and she gets very frustrated as well. (DSP009 PWD)
28As I say, if—if somebody had gone through it with me at the beginning, that would have been helpful. Just sat down and said now, you know, this is what you can do with it and that’s what you can do with it. I think that would have been helpful. (DSP001 Carer)
29And so, I should have acted on it, you know, sooner rather than trying to do it later urm because it had just gone. And urm, I should, I really should have phoned up Lewis and phoned him up and said ‘Look, I’m not really sure of this’ because I think with [P]’s condition, I think I should really be able to do a bit more urm (1) to help him. (DSP012 Carer)
30And I compared what I’m doing just now with what they’re describing and I was finding what I was doing which I’ve already explained to you, which I felt was good for me and more what I am used to and it was more useful… (DSP009 PWD)
31[C]: Ah think it was good, there’s plenty—there’s information, activities, people’s stories and I found that quite good, mainly because I was nosy but I thought it’s good to hear how other people are living with what we’re living with eh. (DSP011Carer)
32I think seeing how, how uh, dementia can progress and people being in real need[?] and I just felt, I dunno If you want to face that really and you keep thinking, you know there’s nothing wrong with us or with [P]. (DSP009 Carer)
33I think I would like to try and do something urm (1) cos if it’s charting [P]’s progress, I think I would be interested in that you know try to (inaudible) how I’m coping with it as well, so it would be good to write it, actually write it down almost, or record it somewhere. (DSP012 Carer)
34Could you have something in it like, ‘early stages’ or… ken I think when they’re in the early stages there’s no really a big difference in them. (DSP011 Carer)
35Now that’s extremely helpful. So that made me think, yeah this could be really helpful for a carer. Now I’m talking as a carer now… I’ll try and use them if I can just make the time. (DSP001 Carer)
36Well it was interesting to read other people’s ways of coping with dementia problems. That, once again, I just felt they weren’t appropriate to our life or needs at the moment. (DSP009 Carer)
37But I’m not discounting the fact that it’s there and it can be used…it gives me a feeling that there is that support there should I need it. It’s like a failsafe, if you like. (DSP002 Carer)
38No, I think that the support is there, Sushee. I’m just not using it at the moment. (DSP012 Carer)
39No, no. But then there’s bound to be a lot of people who don’t have link workers. It—it just depends on whether you need the support of somebody else. And [P] doesn’t—he wouldn’t like that. (DSP013 Carer)
40Well we’ve only got [link worker] that comes. [Link worker] is the only one that comes here. Cause at the moment I don’t think we need any more. I dunnae want to have it pushed in our face, the dementia, eh. (DSP011 Carer)
41I’m not here feeling sorry for myself, I can get into (the tablet) and the day goes quicker… I dunno what to say to be honest. I love it. I love it. (DSP002 PWD)
42He’s thrilled with it, absolutely thrilled. (DSP013 Carer)
43[YY]: Excellent. And are there any aspects of the apps Living It Up and Jointly that you’d probably like to use again? [P]: I don’t understand them, you see, if somebody showed me what I’m supposed to do then fine, I’ll have a go at it, but I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do. (DSP002 PWD)
  • DSP, Digital Support Platform; PWD, Person With Dementia.