Table 2

PWD characteristics

PIDGenderDiagnosisStudy partner relationshipReferralTechnology set-up
DSP001MaleADSpouseJDRTwo tablet computers and PC
DSP002MaleMixedSpouseJDRStudy partner’s PC and tablet provided for participant
DSP005FemaleMixedDaughterLink workerTablet provided for participant
DSP006FemaleMixedDaughterLink workerTablet provided for participant
DSP008MaleMixedSpouseLink workerTwo tablet computers and a PC
DSP009MaleADSpouseLink workerTablet provided for participant
DSP011MaleADSpouseLink workerStudy partner’s laptop and participant’s own tablet
DSP012MaleMixedSpouseLink workerStudy partner’s laptop and participant’s own tablet
DSP013MaleADSpouseSelf-referralTablet provided for participant
DSP014MaleMixedSpouseLink workerParticipant’s PC
  • AD, Alzheimer’s disease; DSP, Digital Support Platform; JDR, Join Dementia Research; PID, Participant ID; PC, personal computer; PWD, Person With Dementia.