Table 1

Characteristics of the countries and of the maternity units assessed

World Bank classification*Lower middle incomeUpper Middle IncomeHigh incomeLower middle incomeLower middle income
Population (thousands), total†296943582060351428 541
GNI per capita, PPP US$†6990328021 02036901720
Maternal mortality ratio, adjusted†3067344128
Neonatal mortality rate†10155914
Institutional deliveries as % of total deliveries†99.498.3NA99.497.3
National introductory workshop on NMCR‡2007201220052005
First national technical workshop on NMCR‡20092015201320052007
Number of hospital implementing NMCR‡3621362
Number of hospital assessed36266
Type of hospitals1 Regional,
2 District
2 Regional,
4 District
1 Regional,
1 District
2 Regional,
4 District
3 Regional,
3 District
Number of births/year in the hospital assessed‡61258570815213 31123 309