Table 2

Predicted quality of life and costs by preoperative Oxford hip score (OHS)/Oxford knee score (OKS) at primary operation

(5th percentile)
OHS 17
(50th percentile)
OHS 32
(95th percentile)
(5th percentile)
OKS 18
(50th percentile)
OKS 32
(95th percentile)
A. Quality of life
 Postoperative EQ-5D utility0.6120.7980.8900.4980.7350.851
 Preoperative EQ-5D utility−0.0820.3540.671−0.0330.4210.687
 EQ-5D utility>12 months after primary arthroplasty0.5010.7000.813
 EQ-5D utility before revision surgery0.1200.3630.5440.0540.3550.474
 EQ-5D utility after revision surgery0.4370.6730.7830.2930.5720.684
B. Costs (in £)
 Costs of primary arthroplasty568755025442615860366021
 Costs of revision arthroplasty776879578160780477517678
 Costs in the 12 months before arthroplasty579416320963898513
 Readmissions<12 months after primary arthroplasty740422314888499404
 Ambulatory costs<12 months after primary arthroplasty5213147446352286
 Readmissions>12 months after primary arthroplasty16111585266169120
 Readmissions in the year of revision surgery675747621959860758
 Readmissions>12 months after revision surgery23814473360225150
 Ambulatory costs>12 months after primary arthroplasty482719
 Ambulatory costs in the year of revision surgery816533351
 Ambulatory costs for patients after revision surgery12815536
  • The columns show average predicted quality of life and costs for patients with different preoperative OHS and OKS scores. Predictions are averaged across the estimation sample. Columns 1 and 4 show values for patients at the 5th percentile of the OHS/OKS distribution. Columns 2 and 4 show outcomes for patients at the median of OHS/OKS distributions, and columns 3 and 6 show outcomes for patients at the 95th percentile of the OHS/OKS distribution.

  • EQ-5D, EuroQoL-5 Dimensions; THR, total hip replacement; TKR, total knee replacement.