Table 1

Data sources and sample sizes

Variable of interestDatasetMean±SD (dependent variable)Mean OHSFinal sample sizeMissing covariates (%)TableFigure
A. Quality of life for THR
 Postoperative EQ-5D utilityPROMs-HES0.784±0.24718.1208 3450.96C.11A
 Preoperative EQ-5D utilityPROMs-HES0.334±0.32417.6271 0450.83C.21A
 EQ-5D utility before revision surgeryPROMs-HES0.348±0.34117.213911.21C.4
 EQ-5D utility after revision surgeryPROMs-HES0.648±0.31617.78840.90C.5
B. Costs (in £) for THR
 Costs of primary arthroplastyPROMs-HES5,522±74417.5286 5071.12C.61C
 Costs of revision arthroplastyPROMs-HES7,994±236216.923591.17C.71E
 Costs in the 12 months before arthroplastyCOASt444±67918.744116.00C.82A
 Ambulatory costs<12 months after primary arthroplastyCOASt101±24418.554816.72C.92E
 Readmissions<12 months after primary arthroplastyPROMs-HES455±215017.5236 5141.48C.102C
 Annual cost of readmissions between 1 and 6 years after primary arthrolastyPROMs-HES118±113717.6476 5140.98C.113A
 Readmissions in the year of revision surgeryPROMs-HES780±350716.816691.07C.123C
 Annual cost of readmissions after revision surgeryPROMs-HES148±130917.024060.87C.133E
C. Quality of life for TKR
 Postoperative EQ-5D utilityPROMs-HES0.723±0.25919.0223 8360.96C.11B
 Preoperative EQ-5D utilityPROMs-HES0.391±0.31718.4290 9830.98C.21B
 EQ-5D utility between 1 and 12 years after primary arthroplastyKAT0.693±0.27618.415 4140.00C.3
 EQ-5D utility before revision surgeryPROMs-HES0.291±0.33117.022271.07C.4
 EQ-5D utility after revision surgeryPROMs-HES0.544±0.34017.713980.99C.5
D. Costs (in £) for TKR
 Costs of primary arthroplastyPROMs-HES6,053±109718.4308 6381.21C.61D
 Costs of revision arthroplastyPROMs-HES7,759±277716.934161.13C.71F
 Costs in the 12 months before arthroplastyCOASt836±213119.427810.03C.82B
 Ambulatory costs<12 months after primary arthroplastyKAT361±40018.318413.21C.92F
 Readmissions<12 months after primary arthroplastyPROMs-HES550±247218.4255 1941.22C.102C
 Annual cost of readmissions between 1 and 6 years after primary arthrolastyPROMs-HES176±131118.4514 0471.18C.113B
 Readmissions in the year of revision surgeryPROMs-HES844±336116.922581.05C.123D
 Annual cost of readmissions after revision surgeryPROMs-HES246±187716.931531.10C.133F
 Annual ambulatory costs between 1 and 12 years after primary arthroplastyKAT29±10418.413 2714.13C.14
 Ambulatory costs in the year of revision surgeryKAT578±71817.8884.35C.15
 Annual ambulatory costs after revision surgeryKAT129±23518.13293.24C.16
  • Tables C.1–C.16 are shown in the online supplementary file. ‘Missing covariates’ shows the fraction of observations that were excluded from the final sample due to missing data on one of the covariates (including OHS/OKS) included into the model.

  • COASt, Clinical Outcomes in Arthroplasty Study; EQ-5D, EuroQoL-5 Dimensions; HES, Hospital Episode Statistics; KAT, Knee Arthroplasty Trial; OHS, Oxford hip score; OKS, Oxford knee score; PROM, patient-reported outcome measure; THR, total hip replacement.