Table 3

Predicted quality of life and costs by age at operation

Age<60Age 60–79Age≥80Age<60Age 60–79Age≥80
A. Quality of life
 Postoperative EQ-5D utility0.7780.7940.7290.6370.7310.722
 Preoperative EQ-5D utility0.3160.3480.2810.3100.4040.397
 EQ-5D utility>12 months after primary arthroplasty0.6160.6890.645
 EQ-5D utility before revision surgery0.3010.3560.3860.2250.3290.312
 EQ-5D utility after revision surgery0.5720.6700.5620.4180.5580.521
B. Costs (in £)
 Costs of primary arthroplasty542055045763593960396255
 Costs of revision arthroplasty810879387991802076857390
 Costs in the 12 months before arthroplasty6263943981150804634
 Readmissions<12 months after primary arthroplasty370430726504519762
 Ambulatory costs<12 months after primary arthroplasty1519662561353243
 Readmissions>12 months after primary arthroplasty135117110218171156
 Readmissions in the year of revision surgery6337611344763857941
 Readmissions>12 months after revision surgery159151139428242105
 Ambulatory costs>12 months after primary arthroplasty502727
 Ambulatory costs in the year of revision surgery711556160
 Ambulatory costs for patients after revision surgery145124118
  • The columns show average predicted quality of life and costs for patients in different age groups at primary operation. Predictions are averaged across the estimation sample.

  • EQ-5D, EuroQoL-5 Dimensions; THR, total hip replacement; TKR, total knee replacement.