Table 3

McNemar’s analysis of each predictive tool compared against one another in determining the need for escalated care in patients with suspected infection (n=316)

SIRS0.2 (P=0.893)21.3 (P<0.001)25.7 (P<0.001)6.63 (P=0.01)
NICE HR5.9* (P=0.034)5.9 (P=0.015)8.5 (P=0.004)
NICE MR and HR18.5* (P<0.001)1.27 (P=0.259)
qSOFA19.3* (P<0.001)
  • Values represent row-listed diagnostic tool performed better than column-listed diagnostic tool.

  • *Represents column-listed diagnostic tool performed better than row-listed diagnostic tool.

  • A P value of <0.005 is considered significant following Bonferroni correction for multiple analysis.

  • NEWS, National Early Warning Score; NICE-MR and HR, combined analysis of National Institute of Health and Care Excellence moderate-risk and high-risk criteria; qSOFA, quick Sequential Organ Failure Assessment; SIRS, systemic inflammatory response syndrome