Table 2

Rehabilitation EnAblement in CHronic Heart Failure (REACH-HF) intervention delivery: healthcare resource use and costs

Number of patient contacts, mean (SD)Duration of patient contacts' contact (min), mean (SD)Duration of facilitator non-contact planning (min), mean (SD)Duration of facilitator travel (min), mean (SD)
Face-to-face contacts/patient5.1 (1.5)60.6 (29.6)17.2 (24.4)40.2 (37.4)
Telephone contacts/patient1.1 (1.3)7.7 (4.0)8.0 (9.5)
Total contacts/patient6.2 (1.6)
Total time, face-to-face contacts308.9 (123.3)
Total time, telephone contacts8.8 (10.3)
Total facilitator planning/non-contact time, face-to-face, minutes87.4 (55.8)
Total facilitator planning/non-contact time, telephone, minutes9.1 (12.6)
Overall total time input, time414.2 (145.4)
Cost per patient*, mean (SD)
Estimated total HF facilitator cost£303.64 (£106.59)
Other resource use/costs
 Consumables (1 × manual)£25.00
 DVDs (×2, at £7.50 each)£15.00
 Distribution of HF facilitator training costs, per participant †£18.97
Estimated total delivery cost of the REACH-HF intervention£362.61
  • *Unit costs—staff: Staff grade equivalent to ‘Community Nurse’ (includes district nursing sister, district nurse) and Nurse Specialist (community), from Curtis and Burns, Unit Costs of Health and Social Care 2016, p141-142. Based on Agenda for Change band 6 (staff salary at £32 114 per annum). Estimated cost per hour = £44 (Curtis and Burns, 2016); Includes salary, salary on costs, overheads (management costs and non-staff costs (including travel/transport)), capital overheads, and excludes costs for qualifications.

  • †Training cost per REACH-HF facilitator, specific to delivery of the REACH-HF intervention, are estimated at £1897 (involving 3 days, that is, 24 hours training at £44/hour; costs for trainer/s per trainee at £366, assuming eight trainees per 3-day course, and trainers at Agenda for Change, Band 8a, £61/hour (Curtis and Burns, 2016); cost for REACH-HF facilitator manual at £400 each; plus estimate of consumables for training sessions). These costs are distributed across the first 100 participants/patients receiving the intervention, resulting in an estimate of £18.97 per participant.