Table 6

Incidence of perioperative and postoperative complications

Number of patientsIncidence (%)
Peri operative complication
Haemorrhage >1 L430.9
Ureteric injury240.5
Unexpected bowel injury280.6
Unexpected bladder injury170.4
Unexpected vascular injury100.2
Epigastric injury40.1
Conversion to laparotomy410.9
Unplanned removal of any other organ110.2
Total suffering any perioperative complication 220 4.7
Postoperative complication
Pelvic haematoma370.8
Pelvic abscess170.4
Urinary tract leak110.2
Bowel leak170.4
Urinary tract fistula20.0
Bowel fistula120.3
Severe sepsis100.2
Pulmonary embolism10.0
Total suffering any postoperative complication 120 2.5
  • Note that some patients suffered more than one complication.