Table 1

Timetable of study assessments

Outcome collectedPrescreenVisit 1 screeningVisit 2 baselineTelephone screen (2 weeks)Visit 3
(3 months)
Visit 4
(6 months)
Visit 5
(9 months)
(12, 15, 18 months)
Questionnaire (21 months)
Eligibility checks
Minimum erythema dose (MED) test
Baseline characteristics (alternative timing)(✓)
Digital images (alternative timing)(✓)
Training session (alternative timing)(✓)
Supervised treatment session(✓)
MED test results
Telephone support check
Vitiligo Noticeability Scale
% repigmentation
Onset of treatment response
Maintenance of treatment response
Quality of life questionnaires
Adverse reactions✓ and Diary✓ and Diary✓ and Diary
Treatment usage and adherence✓ and Diary✓ and Diary✓ and Diary
Health resource use✓ and Diary✓ and Diary✓ and Diary