Table 3

Summary of user inputs for tobacco control policy scenarios

Tobacco control policyUser inputs
Baseline scenarioPolicy scenarioPolicy start year
Cigarette taxesInitial price per pack of cigarettes (initial price): $4.00–$10.00Tax increase (tax): $0.50–$6.002016,
2019 and
Smoke-free air lawsPercent of existing smoke-free air law coverage in workplaces, restaurants, bars (paci ): 0%–100%100% coverage smoke-free air law applied to workplaces, restaurants and/or bars (Ii )
Tobacco control programme expendituresInitial level of expenditures as % of CDC recommendation (F0 ): 0%–100%Policy level of expenditures as 100% of CDC recommendation (Fn )
Minimum age of legal access (MLA)Percent of population already covered by MLA at age 19 years or age 21 years (pac19 and pac21 ): 0%–100%Raise MLA to age 19, 21 or 25 years (MLA19, 21 or 25 )
  • CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.