Table 1

Sonke CHANGE intervention activities

ActivityFrequencyTarget people reached per cluster, per activity
CHANGE training
 Recruit potential Community Action Team (CAT) membersOngoing as needed15
 5-day trainingOnce off for CAT members15
 Individual commitment to action and report back (community bystander activities)Monthly5
 Refresher trainingQuarterly12
CAT community mobilisation
 Door-to-door campaign2x week60
 Street intervention (banner/poster discussion)2x week10
 CHANGE workshops—2-day training2 x month30
 Mini-workshops (1–2 hours) held in local taverns, churches, schoolsWeekly12
 Digital stories film screenings2x month50
 Mural paintings2x month80
 Ambush theatreMonthly50
 Community dialoguesMonthly80
 Debate session (at schools)—community mobiliserMonthly30
 Most significant change storyMonthly (start at 6 months)1
 Stakeholder meeting (local organisations, community police forums, community leaders)2x week80
 Street soccer—violence against women  information or debateQuarterly15
 Open houses to discuss a topic or themeQuarterly60
 Training local organisations (3 days)Annually30
 LobbyingOngoingas needed
 Marching/protestOngoingas needed
 Media advocacyOngoingas needed