Table 3

Four most prevalent factors, by sex (N (women)=217 823; N (men)=191 171)

Prevalence 1, %*Prevalence 2, %†Blocks of diagnoses‡Prevalence in group,Prevalence in factor,Variance proportion, %Cumulative variance proportion,
WF1§ 59.725.4M50–M54: other dorsopathies35.859.910.669.1
M70–M79: other soft-tissue disorders27.045.2
M15–M19: arthrosis15.726.2
G50–G59: nerve, nerve root and plexus disorders8.514.3
M45–M49: spondylopathies4.37.3
M40–M43: deforming dorsopathies3.86.4
WF2 37.812.0I10–I15: hypertensive diseases25.667.67.084.5
E65–E68: obesity and other hyperalimentation19.050.2
E10–E14: diabetes mellitus7.720.3
WF3 32.88.1I10–I15: hypertensive diseases25.678.020.258.6
E10–E14: diabetes mellitus7.723.4
I30–I52: other forms of heart disease4.413.3
H25–H28: disorders of lens1.75.3
H30–H36: disorders of choroid and retina1.23.6
I70–I79: diseases of arteries, arterioles and capillaries1.13.2
I20–I25: ischaemic heart diseases1.03.1
WF4 27.65.9J00–J06: acute upper respiratory infections12.645.838.338.3
N30–N39: other diseases of urinary system5.921.3
H60–H62: diseases of external ear3.613.1
J20–J22: other acute lower respiratory infections3.412.2
A00–A09: intestinal infectious diseases2.710.0
H65–H75: diseases of middle ear and mastoid2.59.2
J09–J18: influenza and pneumonia1.76.1
B25–B34: other viral diseases1.34.8
M60–M63: disorders of muscles1.24.4
MF1¶ 61.726.1E70–E90: metabolic disorders42.
I10–I15: hypertensive diseases32.652.7
E65–E68: obesity and other hyperalimentation14.623.6
M05–M14: inflammatory polyarthropathies5.48.7
MF2 39.48.7I10–I15: hypertensive diseases32.582.628.528.5
I30–I52: other forms of heart disease6.917.6
I20–I25: ischaemic heart diseases5.012.6
I70–I79: diseases of arteries, arterioles and capillaries2.46.1
I60–I69: cerebrovascular diseases1.84.6
N17–N19: renal failure1.53.7
MF3 38.54.4F10–F19: mental and behavioural disorders due to psychoactive substance use33.687.25.389.6
K70–K77: diseases of liver5.213.6
B15–B19: viral hepatitis3.28.4
F20–F29: schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders1.12.9
MF4 34.75.1M50–M54: other dorsopathies27.880.27.377.8
M15–M19: arthrosis7.722.2
M45–M49: spondylopathies3.18.8
M40–M43: deforming dorsopathies1.85.2
  • Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin sampling adequacy index was 0.82 for women and 0.75 for men. Bartlett test of sphericity was statistically significant. (P<0.001) for both groups.

  • *Individuals from the strata ≥1 diagnosis in the factor.

  • †Individuals from the strata with ≥2 diagnosis in the factor.

  • ‡Strata: same sex.

  • §Abbreviation of sex, method and number (WF1: women factor 1).

  • ¶Abbreviation of sex, method and number (MF1: men factor 1).