Table 4

Quotes illustrating theme 1

QuoteLack of consistent approaches in case-finding processes
1…we have a member of staff here who daily goes to the ward and makes sure that the case-finding questions are being asked and the documentation is being completed by the doctors (Hospital staff 03)
2Erm [sighs] it’s very difficult, I mean, I do speak to surgeons and, you know, you get the sort of, I get fed back, “Oh, it’s ridiculous, it’s a waste of time, it’s not important to us” (Hospital staff 07)
3The OTs [Occupational Therapists] always use the MoCA, the MMSE does get done occasionally, but usually they redo the AMTS (Hospital staff 22)
4…we’d had a bit of a glitch where we were missing some of the mandatory fields off if they were started before the 72 hours (Hospital staff 11)
5But I think the trouble with the case-finding…is there is no room really for professional judgement if you like, in a way…it has taken away some of that flexibility (Hospital staff 15)
  • AMTS, Abbreviated Mental Test Score; MoCA, Montreal Cognitive Assessment; MMSE, Mini–Mental State Examination.