Table 2

Overview of participants, recruitment period, patient diagnosis and medical therapy

Reference, countryNMean age (years)Male participants (%)Recruitment period (years)Maximum follow-up periodPatient diagnosisMedication
Aronov et al,39 Russia39261.473.5None specified1 yearAMI, stable angina, unstable angina or myocardial revascularisation.Standard medical therapy: β-blocker, acetylsalicyclic acid or other antithrombotic drug, nitrate, ACE inhibitor. Some patients on lipid-lowering drugs.
Belardinelli et al,32 Italy11861100None specified33 monthsCAD including AMI. Successful PCI in one or two native epicardial coronary arteries only.According to international accepted protocols: aspirin, ticlopidine, calcium antagonists and nitrates.
Briffa et al,40 Australia11347.589.5None specified1 yearUncomplicated AMI or recovery from unstable angina. PCI, CABG, thrombolytic therapy.Aspirin, antiarrhytmic agent, β-blocker, ACE inhibitor, calcium antagonist, long-acting nitrate and diuretic.
Giallauria et al,33 Italy6158.578.5None specified6 monthsAMI and undergone primary or rescue PCI only.Aspirin, β-blocker, ACE inhibitor, ARB and statin.
Hambrecht et al,30 Germany1015687.31997–20011 yearStable CAD defined by angina pectoralis and amenable to PCI. AMI patients excluded.β-receptor antagonists, β-HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, ACE inhibitor and acetylsalicyclic acid.
Higgins et al,41 Australia10560.881.31995–199751 weeksPost-PCI patients only. No AMI 1-month preprocedure.Reference to medical therapy, only breakdown for lipid-lowering medication.
Houle et al,42 Canada6551.51002007–200812 monthsPatients hospitalised for an ACS (unstable angina, non-ST-elevation or ST elevation MI). PCI, CABG or no revascularisation procedure.Reference to medication in usual care group but no breakdown.
Kovoor et al,43 Australia14251.5100None specified6 monthsAMI only. Thrombolytic therapy, one patient in the exercise treatment group had primary angioplasty.Aspirin, β-blocker, ACE inhibitor, calcium channel blockers, nitrates and cholesterol-lowering agents.
Maddison et al,44 New Zealand17159202010–201224 weeksDiagnosis of IHD (angina, MI, revascularisation, including angioplasty, stent or CABG).No description.
Maroto et al,34 Spain18076.957.5(None specified) 2-year enrolment period10 yearsAMI only.Medication regimens employed in secondary prevention at discharge were clearly insufficient by standard criteria but currently meet Spanish and European guidelines.
Munk et al,35 Norway4056.484.8None specified6 monthsStable angina and unstable angina, post-PCI only. AMI patients excluded.Aspirin, β-blocker, ACE inhibitor, ARB, statin and acetylsalicyclic acid.
Mutwalli et al,45 Saudi Arabia4969.71002008–20106 monthsUndergone CABG surgery. Unknown whether AMI patients included.Participants received advice that focused on medications, no breakdown.
Oerkild et al,36 Denmark4063.502007–200812 months (mortality data after 5.5 years)Recent coronary event defined as AMI, PCI, CABG or without invasive procedure.β-blocker, antithrombotics, calcium antagonists, lipid-lowering agents and diuretics.
Reid et al,46 Canada22354.587.32004–200712 monthsACS including AMI, underwent successful PCI only.Reference to a ‘descriptive summary in supplemental table’, no access.
Santaularia et al,29 Spain8559.684.7None specified12 monthsAMI only, no evidence of revascularisation procedure.Reference to cardiac medication but no breakdown
Seki et al,47 Japan3957.883.8None specifiedNRAMI, PCI or CABG.Reference to ‘lipid-lowering drugs and other medications’, no breakdown.
Toobert et al,48 USA2564.50None specified24 monthsCAD defined as atherosclerosis, AMI, PCI or CABG.Antihypertensive and hypolipidaemic medications.
Vestfold Heartcare Study Group,37 Norway1976475.8None specified2 yearsAMI, unstable angina pectoris or after PCI or CABG.Aspirin, β-blocker, statin, ACE inhibitor, calcium antagonist and warfarin.
Wang et al,49 China1606763.52005–20076 monthsAMI only.Antiplatelet, nitrate, β-blocker, ACE inhibitor, calcium antagonist and statin.
West et al,31 UK181351.993.91997–20007–9 yearsAMI only.Aspirin, β-blocker, ACE inhibitor, diuretic, long-acting nitrate/calcium channel blocker, statin and GTN.
Yu et al,50 China2695683.9None specified2 yearsRecent AMI, after elective PCI or thrombolytic therapy.Antiplatelet, β-blocker, calcium channel blocker, nitrate, statin, ACE inhibitor and diuretic.
Zwisler et al,38 Denmark44655.572.12000–20031 yearAMI, angina pectoris or after PCI or CABG.Antithrombotics, lipid-lowering drugs, β-blocker, calcium antagonists, ACE inhibitor, diuretic and long-acting nitrates.
  • ACS, acute coronary syndrome; AMI, acute myocardial infarction; ARB, angiotensin receptor blockers; CABG, coronary artery bypass graft; CAD, coronary artery disease; GTN, glyceryl trinitrate; IHD, ischaemic heart disease; MI, myocardial infarction; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention.