Table 1

Group sessions and computer and multimedia elements of the intervention

WeekGroup sessionComputer and multimedia elements
PreassessmentWorksheet 1
Video 1
C.1Opening and information about intervention and online platform; psychoeducation on depression; introduction to the current concerns concept; instruction for current concerns diary and relaxationPPT-presentation
Worksheet 2
Video 2
C.2Discussion of homework assignments; psychoeducation on human perception and cognitive biases; discussion on frequent cognitive distortions; psychoeducation on acceptance and mindfulness principles; instruction for the “Thoughts and mindfulness” diary taskPPT-presentation
Video 3
Mobile phone diary*
P.3Discussion of homework assignments; psychoeducation on human memory and learning processes; exercise on cognitive restructuring; introduction to “Happiness” diary and activity listPPT-presentation
Worksheet 3
Video 4 and 5
Mobile phone diary*
P/A.4Discussion of homework assignments; psychoeducation on psychological motivation theories and goal setting, with emphasis on Vroom’s VIE-theory (1964); group exercise on “SMART” goal setting and instruction for Goal Attainment ScalingPPT-presentation
Online Goal Attainment Scaling with feedback
A.5Revision of sessions 1–4; psychoeducation on self-regulation and self-control; group exercise on strengths and weaknesses profile; discussion and refinement of individual goals; instructions for weekly diary taskPPT-presentation
Contract with myself-worksheet 4
Mobile phone diary*
A.6Discussion of homework assignments; psychoeducation on time management, realistic time scheduling; group exercise “Time-thieves”; group discussion on practical aspects of time management and prioritisation; introduction to specific time management methods; group exercise “Stress traffic light”PPT-presentation
Worksheet 5+
Video 5
Mobile phone diary*
M.7Revision of sessions 5–7; psychoeducation on slow and problematic change patterns and handling of setbacks; group discussion on problematic change and relapse preventionPPT-presentation
  • *Mobile phone diary, participants were free to choose between a mobile phone diary or a handwritten diary.

  • Letters C to M, treatment stages (C, contemplation, P, preparation, A, action, M, maintenance); PPT-presentation, in-session PowerPoint presentation; VIE, Expectancy Instrumentality Valence - Theory.