Table 3

ORs from multinomial logistic regression showing the association between lifestyle risk behaviours, self-rated health, life satisfaction, anxiety and depression in participants aged 69–69 years in HUNT2 (1995–1997, baseline) and the need for assistance in instrumental activities of daily living, mortality during follow-up and non-participation in HUNT3 (2006–2008, main and competing outcomes)

IADL independentIADL disabilityMortality during follow-upNon-participation in HUNT3
nnOR*95% CInOR*95% CInOR*95% CI
Self-rated health
 Poor10194512.30(1.93 to 2.74)7112.21(1.90 to 2.58)10141.46(1.29 to 1.66)
 HADS-D≥82971411.79(1.43 to 2.24)2181.90(1.55 to 2.32)3211.53(1.28 to 1.82)
Sleep duration
 7–9 hours24985751.00Ref8011.00Ref13951.00Ref
 ≤6/≥10 hours4471621.36(1.11 to 1.68)2461.42(1.18 to 1.70)3531.17(1.00 to 1.38)
Physical activity
 Inactive12143711.61(1.36 to 1.91)5531.60(1.38 to 1.86)9201.38(1.22 to 1.57)
Life satisfaction
 Poor3511882.29(1.86 to 2.81)2772.11(1.75 to 2.54)4201.77(1.51 to 2.08)
Daily smoker
 Yes6051751.15(0.95 to 1.39)5152.73(2.35 to 3.17)7642.17(1.91 to 2.47)
Sitting time
 ≤7 hours20094661.00Ref6191.00Ref11121.00Ref
 ≥8 hours7082151.40(1.16 to 1.69)3191.59(1.34 to 1.89)4241.24(1.07 to 1.44)
 HADS-A≥8278991.43(1.11 to 1.86)1481.65(1.31 to 2.08)2451.43(1.17 to 1.73)
 CAGE≥2106301.04(0.68 to 1.59)751.76(1.27 to 2.44)731.30(0.94 to 1.79)
Social participation
 Seldom, never13683621.01(0.85 to 1.20)6421.50(1.29 to 1.76)10631.63(1.43 to 1.85)
  • n varies from 5013 to 7675 in the various analyses due to different amounts of missing on the independent variables.

  • *Adjusted for gender, education, age, marital status and chronic illness.

  • CAGE, Cut down, Annoyed, Guilty, Eye opener (questionnaire for problematic alcohol behaviour) HADS-A, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale-Anxiety; HADS-D, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale-Depression; HUNT, Nord-Trøndelag Health Study, IADL, instrumental activities of daily living; ref, reference category.