Table 2

Embase (Ovid) search strategy

1‘f?etal alcohol’.ti,ab,kw,hw.7590
31 or 2 [Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder+variants]7791
4(alcohol* and (neonat* or prenatal* or natal* or postnatal* or perinatal* or pregnan* or ‘in utero’ or f?etus* or f?etal) and (expos* or affect* or induc*)).ti,ab,kw,hw. [prenatal alcohol exposure]14 264
5((development* or neurodevelopment*) adj3 (f?etus or f?etal or disorder* or brain or cognitiv* or neurocognitiv* or neurobehav* or behavio?r* or neurodevelopment*)).ti,ab,kw,hw. [developmental disorders]179 497
6((disorder* or defect* or deficit* or impair* or anomal* or abnormal* or delay*) adj3 (birth or congenital* or brain or cognitiv* or neurocognitiv* or neurobehav* or behavio?r* or emotion* or social* or ‘self regulat*’ or ‘executive function*’ or neurodevelopment* or ‘motor function*’ or ‘motor skill*")).ti,ab,kw,hw. (developmental disorders)488 755
73 and (5 or 6) [developmental disorders & prenatal alcohol exposure]4704
83 or 79962
9infant/or child/or exp childhood/or adolescent/or adolescence/or ‘minor (person)"/or Puberty/or exp pediatrics/or school/or high school/or kindergarten/or middle school/or nursery school/or primary school/or (infant* or infancy or newborn* or baby* or babies or neonat* or preterm* or prematur* or postmatur* or child* or schoolchild* or school age* or preschool* or kid or kids or toddler* or adoles* or teen* or boy* or girl* or minors or pubert* or pubescen* or p?ediatric* or pe?diatric* or nursery school* or kindergar* or primary school* or secondary school* or elementary school* or middle school* or high school* or highschool*).ti,ab,kw,hw. [child filter]4 052 596
108 and 9 [FASD+Children]5889
1110 not ((exp animal/or nonhuman/) not human/)4873
12exp clinical trial/1 331 190
13Randomized controlled trial/482 169
14controlled study/5 520 031
15multicenter study/166 062
16Randomization/85 018
17Single blind procedure/29 898
18Double blind procedure/141 530
19Crossover procedure/55 426
20Prospective study/402 295
21Placebo/333 602
22random*.ti,ab.1 183 145
23trial*.ti.299 817
24(Rct or RCTs).ti,ab.45 861
25Random*.ti,ab.1 183 145
26(blind*3 or mask*3).ti,ab.390 423
27‘control group’.ti,ab.456 422
28Placebo$.ti,ab.254 276
29or/12–287 298 271
30letter/not (letter/and randomized controlled trial/)926 792
31Case study/96 232
32case report/2 206 544
33Case report.ti,ab.334 649
34editorial/553 901
35Abstract report/89 727
36or/30–353 682 083
3729 not 36 [RCT filter]7 079 237
3811 and 37 [FASD+Children + RCTs]1337
  • Embase <1974 to 2017 week 10>; date of search: 7 March 2017; search fields: ab, abstract; hw, heading word; kw, author supplied keyword; ti, title; /-, subject heading.

  • RCTs, randomised controlled trials.