Table 1

Criteria of complex bifurcation lesions

CriteriaLesion characteristics
Major 1Distal LM bifurcation: SB-DS ≥70% and SB lesion length ≥10 mm
Major 2Non-LM bifurcation: SB-DS ≥90% and SB lesion length ≥10 mm
Minor 1Moderate to severe calcification
Minor 2Multiple lesions
Minor 3Bifurcation angle <45° or >70°
Minor 4Main vessel RVD <2.5 mm
Minor 5Thrombus-containing lesions
Minor 6MV lesion length ≥25 mm
Major 1+any 2 minor 1–6=complex bifurcation lesion
Major 2+any 2 minor 1–6=complex bifurcation lesion
  • DS, diameter stenosis; LM, left main; MV, main vessel; RVD, reference vessel diameter; SB, side branch.