Table 2

Poisson regression for determination of variables associated with FP and FP/paediatrician groups

Independent variablesPR95% CI for PR
Mother’s age (years)1.021.00 to 1.03
Mother’s education
 Without higher education1
 With higher education1.151.00 to 1.33
Mother’s professional situation
 Not active1
 Active1.240.99  to  1.54
Father’s education
 Without higher education1
 With higher education1.120.95 to 1.32
Father’s professional situation
 Not active1
 Active1.280.96 to 1.70
Household net income*
 ≤€5001.240.82 to 1.87
 €501–€9991.140.78 to 1.65
 €1000–€19990.940.65 to 1.37
Private health insurance
 Yes1.301.15 to 1.46
Number of children†0.860.78 to 0.94
Child’s age (years)0.950.91 to 0.98
  • The FP group was considered as the reference group for the Poisson regression. The variables father’s age and household size were not included as they were suspected to be highly correlated, contributing to model multicollinearity. The parents’ marital status was not included due to lack of clinical relevance.

  • *€500 (£423; US$562) corresponds to approximately one national minimum wage; €1000=£847/$1123; €2000=£1693/US$2246.

  • †Total number of children of both parents.

  • FP, family physician; PR, prevalence ratio.