Table 2

Lancashire and Cumbria Innovation Alliance Test Bed cohort sample sizes

CohortTotal population (%)*Total patientsFrail and elderly patients (%)Patients with dementia (%)Patients estimated to be appropriate for the service (n)Appropriate patients within cohort that will be recruited within the Test Bed period (%)Minimum number of patients recruited within Test Bed periodEstimated number of patients by the end of the Test Bed period
(Age >55, risk >25%
and 1 LTC)
(Age >55,
10%< risk <25% and 1 LTC)
(Age >55,
risk <10%
1 of a broader set of LTCs)
9.2028 47721.693985470500
(Diagnosis of dementia)0.792430100.08101081100
  • (*Combined over a population of approximately 310 000 people) (see Acknowledgements).

  • LTC, long-term condition.