Table 1

Participant demographics

First surveySecond survey
Participant characteristic
Patient or carer341373
 Healthcare professional8651
 Preferred not to say31
 Left blank53
 16–24 years45
 25–34 years2543
 35–44 years3845
 45–54 years6286
 55–64 years87117
 65–74 years75115
 75 and over2030
 Prefer not to say13
 Left blank63
 Asian or Asian British: Indian75
 Asian or Asian British: Chinese30
 Asian or Asian British: Other11
 Asian or Asian British: Pakistani23
 Black or Black British: Caribbean41
 Black or Black British: African20
 Black or Black British: Other10
 Prefer not to say78
 White English01
 White and Asian13
 White and Black African12
 White and Black Caribbean12
 White and North African01
 White British01
 In another way10
 Prefer not to say05
 Left blank43
Gender same as at birth
 Prefer not to say05
 Left blank77
 Did not understand the question10
Sexual orientation
 Lesbian or gay13Unknown
 Prefer not to say15Unknown
 Left blank19Unknown