Table 3

Technologies available to each cohort

1 and 4PhilipsMotiva*A telehealth platform that operates through a tablet or television (TV) set top box interface that connects wirelessly to a range of telemonitoring equipment in the home (eg, wireless weighing scales, blood pressure metres, pulse oximeters and thermometers)
MKS Solutions LimitedSpeakSet†A video calling system that connects a health professional with a patient through the patient’s TV in their own home
NHS Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group’s LicenceFlorence/NHS Simple‡A short message communication software providing a reminder/communication text messaging service for patients
1, 2 and 3Cambridge Cognition LimitedCANTAB Mobile§An assessment tool designed for healthcare professionals to identify the earliest signs of clinically significant memory impairment. The assessment comprises three tests: the Paired Associates Learning test to assess episodic memory; the Geriatric Depression Scale to identify signs of depression; and an activities of daily living questionnaire to assess functionality in daily life.
2Intelesant LimitedIntelesant¶A mobile app to support daily management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease through SMS text messaging alerts for coaching, prompts and reminders. It incorporates the individual’s action plan in response to changes in symptoms.
PhilipsPersonal Blood Pressure Cuff**A blood pressure monitor that works in conjunction with the Philips Suite App to enable a patient to record their blood pressure
2 and 4PhilipsHealth Watch††A health watch that tracks heart rate and other cardio condition metrics, and monitors activity, sleeping patterns and nutrition behaviour (not a sports watch). It is best paired with a smartphone running the Philips Suite App.
3uMotif LimiteduMotif‡‡A health app available as a mobile app, digital tool or wearable device to capture data through a graphical interface and help patients track and understand their health and symptoms. It provides a health report, connects to other wearable devices, sends medication reminders, and keeps track of regular tasks and daily activities.
4National Museums LiverpoolHouse of Memories§§A health app that enables people living with dementia and their carers/families to keep a record of objects and experiences from the past. Patients and/or carers can create their own memory tree, memory box or memory timeline.