Table 8

Selected examples of stem cell-related claims made, by practitioner type listed on website

Practitioner typeExamples of claims
Medical doctor‘When it comes to Regenerative Orthopedics, stem cells are a game changer. They make our regenerative injection techniques much more effective. Stem cell therapy is the strongest, fastest and most effective regenerative stimulus we have.’ (
Naturopath‘Our regenerative and biological treatments include Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma PRP, and Adult Stem Cell Therapies. These treatments enhance the natural cycles of repair in chronically injured joints, ligaments and tendons. Regenerative injections are an effective treatment for all manner of acute and chronic back and neck pain, as well as osteoarthritis and injuries to the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, foot and ankle. For our patients who have been told that their only solution is surgery or a life on pain medications, the vast majority have been able to achieve drug-free, pain-free function without surgery joint replacement.’ (
Acupuncturist‘This QiGong form has proven scientific effects of stimulating and activating adult stem cells in our bone marrow; gently elongating and improving flexibility of the spine, alleviating neck, back and joint pain.’ (
Chiropractor‘Stem cell therapy: If you are suffering with chronic pain, this new breakthrough treatment could change your life! Eliminate knee pain with the industry’s latest proven alternative to surgery and steroids.’ (
Homeopath‘Every day, Marnie supports women in restoring health and well-being to their digestive systems using homeopathy and Plant Stem Cells so they have the energy to do the things they love.’ (
Midwife‘Cord blood contains magical stem cells, and the idea is that if your baby becomes ill in the future you may be able to use these cells as treatment.’ (
Ayurvedic doctor‘Experts say, “Successful regenerative medicine centered on human cells could potentially replace a number of major molecular pharmaceuticals and medical prostheses.” Heart Cardiac myocytes possess the capacity for regeneration after heart attacks. Heart tissue can also be regenerated from stem cells derived from bone marrow.’(
Aesthetician‘ARGAN PLANT STEM CELLS: These are the first plant stem cells with proven effectiveness for deep-seated cell protection and rejuvenation. Clinical results confirm Argan Stem Cells reduce wrinkles by 26% while tightening, toning and improving skin density.’ (
Registered nurse‘Stem cells can be found in every tissue in every human body, but are especially concentrated in bone marrow, blood, and adipose(fatty) cells. Stems cells are what make regenerative therapies like PRP therapy so effective; by harvesting cells from fatty tissue in this new treatment, we can send 10 000x more stem cells into your body than PRP therapy!’ ( (registered nurses were only featured alongside other practitioners; Andrew Lipton is an osteopath)
Massage therapist‘From Aloe Vera to L-Ascorbic Acid to Peptides and Plant Stem Cells, every ingredient in my formulas works in harmony with the skin’s natural processes.’ (
Other1. (Pharmacist) ‘Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Spray is the world’s only natural stem cell supplement in an intramural spray, and it’s available at The Compounding Pharmacy of Beverly Hills today. It is designed specifically to activate your own adult stem cells naturally and provides robust immunity.’ (
2. ‘The marrow is rich in Mesenchymal Stem Cells, which are responsible for healing damaged tissues. The stems cells are isolated from the marrow sample and platelets are isolated from the blood sample. After preparation, these two components will be reinjected directly into the damaged area of the joint using advanced imaging guidance. This ensures the cells are delivered to the exact location of need.’ (