Table 2

Other treatments offered that reference stem cells (among all web domains, n=368)

Treatment typeWeb domains (n)Web domains (%)Example (excerpt)
Platelet-rich plasma8823.91‘PRP injections result in a robust release of healing growth factors as well as attraction of autologous stem cells to regenerate the site of injury.’ (
Prolotherapy195.16‘The leading form of Prolotherapy is Platelet Rich Plasma; also known as PRP Prolotherapy. Platelets are part of our circulating blood, and they control blood clotting. Platelets also contain “Platelet Derived Growth Factors”. These growth factors stimulate dormant stem cells to regrow injured or worn painful joints.’ ( (note: prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma are related and were often mentioned together)
Other92.45‘Patients who undergo oxygen therapy either sit in a hyperbaric room or a one-person hyperbaric clear, plastic tube, depending upon the illness that is being treated. In either situation, the air pressured in the chamber is increased two or three times. The increase in air pressure allows the lungs to gather more oxygen than normal, subsequently allowing the blood to carry this extra oxygen throughout the body. The increase in oxygen helps to fight bacteria and stimulates the release of growth factors and stem cells, substances that help to promote healing.’ (
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