Table 1

Modes of stem cell therapy offered (among web domains marketing stem cell therapies, n=243)

Therapy typeWeb domains (n)Web domains (%)Example (excerpt)
Adipose-derived autologous stem cell transplantation therapy11246.09‘Adipose Derived Stem Cell (ADSC) Therapy: Adult stem cell injection is a groundbreaking treatment for orthopedic injury and other common causes of musculoskeletal pain, osteoarthritis, back or neck injury and joint pain —and, in many cases, it may be the preferred alternative to orthopedic surgery.’ (
Bone marrow-derived autologous stem cell transplantation therapy10041.15‘My clinical practice mission is to use autologous concentrated marrow-derived mononuclear cells for the care and treatment of a joint afflicted by degenerative arthritis so as to assist a patient in postponing, perhaps avoiding a joint replacement.’ (
Plant stem cell therapies and products208.23‘Gemmotherapy–made from plant stem cells, they have the ability to detoxify, nourish, and regenerate tissues in the body.’ (
Circulating blood-derived autologous stem cell transplantation therapy2811.52‘We perform a large blood draw (usually about 300cc) from which we harvest stem cells. […] Once the stem cells have multiplied, they are washed and screened again. The implantation is very simple and practically painless. The stem cells are simply injected under the skin into the lymphatic system where they can spread out in the body.’ (
Umbilical cord blood-derived stem cell transplantation therapy2610.70‘The body’s immune system is unable to recognize umbilical cord-derived mesenchmyal stem cells as foreign and therefore they are not rejected. HUCT stem cells have been administered thousands of times at the Puhua Hospital and there has never been a single instance rejection (graft vs. host disease).’ (
  1. ‘Frequently Asked Questions: Why does Dr. Gonzalez use human term placenta stem cells (HTPSCS) as opposed to umbilical cord blood, fat cells from the same sick person or cells from discarded embryos or aborted fetuses?’  (

  2. ‘Disclaimer: All American Healthcare New Orleans does not use any stem cells that originate from an embryo. All of our stem cells used in stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine originate from the amniotic sac and amniotic fluid.’ (

  3. ‘Patients may receive between 1 to 12 injections. The amount of cells per injections varies between 5 Million to 20 Million of Embryonic Stem Cells.’ (