Table 6

Claims and language used (among web domains marketing stem cell therapies, n=243)

Claim/language usedYesNo% (yes)% (no)Example (excerpt) fulfilling ‘yes’ coding selection
States evidence of inefficacy3121212.7687.24‘Those who undergo stem cell treatment normally have about a 15% likelihood of receiving no benefits from stem cell treatment.’ 
States that there is limited evidence of efficacy4619718.9381.07‘Stem cells have the potential to cure the disease from its root; however it is not approved by FDA as proven results are not yet available.’ (
States general risks6018324.6975.31‘Any time you penetrate the skin there is a small risk of infection. Our procedures are performed using strict aseptic techniques, so infection is rare, occurring in only about 1 of every 10,000 patients. Other possible complications include allergic reactions to local anesthetic and bleeding, and both are extremely rare.’
States risks specific to mode of therapy142295.7694.24‘There are certain unavoidable risks and potential side effects and complications to the Treatments, including without limitation swelling; increased pain; bleeding; dizziness, numbness; scarring; scar or keloid formation; asymmetry; allergic reaction; discoloration; soreness, itching, a feeling of “lumpiness” or permanent skin contour irregularities at the site of Treatments; all of which may be permanent. Treatment may very rarely cause infection; injury to nerves, temporary or permanent alteration in sensation; the need for additional surgery or hospitalization; spinal cord injuries, pneumothorax (temporary lung collapse), paralysis, or other serious or debilitating injuries or death.’ (
States regulatory status7516830.8669.14‘The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has NOT approved the use of adult stem cells/SVF for any disorder. The Cell Surgical Network and its affiliate treatment centers are not offering stem cell therapy as a cure for any condition, disease, or injury. No statements or implied treatments on this website have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. This website contains no medical advice.’ (
States therapy is experimental or unproven8116233.3366.67‘That being said, the cutting edge stem cell therapy is still considered experimental. Stem cells are currently being studied in many arenas, and the prospect for health improvement using stem cells is great, but many results at this point have only been studying on very few patients. We perform stem cell therapy for the benefit of our patients, and are not involved in any clinical trials.’
Uses hype language7716631.6968.31
  1. ‘Researchers have finally found the ‘fountain of youth’ and it can regenerate your bodily processes by ridding you of all sorts of degenerative diseases and aging cells.’ (

  2. ‘A Revolution in Biologics: There is a major gap for orthopedic treatment options between conservative treatment and surgery. Platelet Rich Plasma and stem cells from Bone Marrow Concentrate offer a therapeutic treatment option.’ (

  3. ‘Breakthrough Healing for Degenerative Diseases and Chronic Ailments: Are you tired of trying traditional treatment options with little to no change? Do you want to avoid costly, painful surgery? Stem cell therapy could be the answer you’re looking for!’