Table 5

Factors associated with doctor’s underestimation of patients’ actual risk 

Significance valueAdjusted OR95% CI
Doctors’ factors
  Male (reference)_1.0
Patients’ factors
 Age 0.000 0.9080.8860.930
 Waist circumference0.9021.0010.9851.017
 Body mass index0.5300.9940.9751.013
 Systolic BP 0.000 0.9700.9570.982
 Diastolic BP0.1211.0170.9961.038
 Total cholesterol0.4710.8990.6721.202
 HDL Cholesterol 0.000 3.5462.0256.209
 LDL Cholesterol0.0590.7470.5521.012
  Male (reference)_1.0
  Female 0.000 2.2321.4603.410
  Malay (reference)1.0
Chinese 0.727 0.9160.5601.499
  Indian 0.001 0.4300.2570.720
  Indigenous/others 0.004 2.4981.3464.636
  Yes (reference)_1.0
  No 0.002 2.2461.3543.726
  Yes (reference)_1.0
  No 0.026 1.7311.0672.808
  Yes (reference)_1.0
  No 0.019 1.9311.1143.348
 Family history with CVD
  Yes (reference)1.0
 Family history with stroke
Yes (reference)1.0
 Antiplatelet use
  Yes (reference)1.0
 Statin use
  • BP, blood pressure; CVD, cardiovascular disease; HDL, high-density lipoprotein; LDL, low-density lipoprotein.

  • p-values <0.05 are in bold.