Table 2

PubMed search strategy, to be adapted for use in other database searches

#1User-Computer Interface[Mesh] OR multimedia[Mesh] OR cell phones[Mesh] OR computers, handheld[Mesh] OR Mobile Applications[Mesh] OR mobile health[tiab] OR mhealth[tiab] OR m-health[tiab] OR ehealth[tiab] OR e-health[tiab] OR digital health[tiab] OR smartphone[tiab] OR smartphones[tiab] OR phone[tiab] OR phones[tiab] OR cellphone[tiab] OR cellphones[tiab] OR telephone[tiab] OR mobile application[tiab] OR mobile applications[tiab] OR mobile technolog*[tiab] OR health technolog*[tiab] OR health application[tiab] OR health applications[tiab] OR iPad[tiab] OR sms[tiab] OR mms[tiab] OR text messag*[tiab] OR USSD[tiab] OR pda[tiab] OR laptop*[tiab] OR palmtop*[tiab] OR palm-top*[tiab] OR Personal Digital Assistant*[tiab] OR computer*[tiab] OR interactive voice response[tiab] OR multimedia[tiab]
#2developing country[Mesh] OR low income[tiab] OR middle income[tiab] OR developing countr*[tiab] OR resource poor[tiab] OR rural[tiab] Afghanistan [tw] OR Guinea[tw] OR Rwanda[tw] OR Benin[tw] OR Guinea-Bissau[tw] OR Senegal[tw] BurkinaFaso[tw] OR Haiti[tw] OR SierraLeone[tw] OR Burundi[tw] OR Korea, Dem. People’s Rep. [tw] OR Somalia[tw] OR Central African Republic[tw] OR Liberia[tw] OR South Sudan[tw] OR Chad[tw] OR Madagascar[tw] OR Tanzania OR Comoros[tw] OR Malawi[tw] OR Togo[tw] OR Congo, Dem. Rep[tw] OR Mali[tw] OR Uganda [tw] OR Eritrea[tw] OR Mozambique[tw] OR Zimbabwe[tw] Ethiopia[tw] OR Nepal[tw] OR Gambia[tw] OR Niger[tw] OR Angola[tw] OR Indonesia[tw] OR Philippines[tw] OR Armenia[tw] OR Jordan[tw] OR São Tomé and Principe[tw] OR Bangladesh[tw] OR Kenya[tw] OR Solomon Islands[tw] OR Bhutan[tw] ORKiribati [tw] OR Sri Lanka[tw] OR Bolivia[tw] OR Kosovo[tw] OR Sudan[tw] Or Cabo Verde[tw] OR Kyrgyz Republic[tw] OR Swaziland[tw] OR Cambodia [tw] OR Lao PDR[tw] OR Syrian Arab Republic[tw] OR Cameroon[tw] OR Lesotho[tw] OR Tajikistan[tw] OR Congo, Rep. [tw] OR Mauritania[tw] OR Timor-Leste[tw] OR Côte d’Ivoire[tw] Micronesia, Fed. Sts. [tw] OR Tunisia[tw] OR Djibouti[tw] OR Moldova[tw] OR Ukraine[tw] OR Egypt, Arab Rep. [tw] OR Mongolia [tw] Uzbekistan[tw] OR El Salvador [tw] OR Morocco[tw] OR Vanuatu[tw] OR Georgia[tw] OR Myanmar[tw] OR Vietnam[tw] OR Ghana[tw] OR Nicaragua[tw] OR West Bank and Gaza[tw] OR Guatemala[tw] OR Nigeria[tw] OR Yemen, Rep. [tw] OR Honduras[tw] OR Pakistan[tw] OR Zambia[tw] OR India[tw] OR Papua New Guinea[tw] OR Albania[tw] OR Ecuador[tw] OR Nauru[tw] OR Algeria[tw] OR Fiji[tw] OR Panama[tw] OR American Samoa[tw] OR Gabon[tw] OR Paraguay[tw] OR Argentina[tw] OR Grenada[tw] OR Peru[tw] OR Azerbaijan[tw] OR Guyana[tw] OR Romania[tw] OR Belarus[tw] OR Iran, Islamic Rep. [tw] OR Russian Federation[tw] OR Belize[tw] OR Iraq[tw] OR Samoa[tw] OR Bosnia and Herzegovina[tw] OR Jamaica[tw] OR Serbia[tw] OR Botswana[tw] OR Kazakhstan[tw] OR South Africa[tw] OR Brazil[tw] OR Lebanon[tw] OR St. Lucia [tw] OR Bulgaria[tw] OR Libya[tw] OR St. Vincent and the Grenadines[tw] OR China[tw] OR Macedonia, FYR [tw] OR Suriname[tw] OR Colombia[tw] OR Malaysia[tw] OR Thailand[tw] OR Costa Rica[tw] OR Maldives[tw] OR Tonga[tw] OR Croatia[tw] OR Marshall Islands[tw] OR Turkey[tw] OR Cuba[tw] OR Mauritius[tw] OR Turkmenistan[tw] OR Dominica[tw] OR Mexico[tw] OR Tuvalu[tw] OR Dominican Republic[tw] OR Montenegro[tw] OR Venezuela, RB[tw] OR Equatorial Guinea[tw] OR Namibia[tw]
#3maternaltiab] OR ‘reproductive health’ [tiab] OR family planning [tiab] OR newborn*[tiab] OR antenatal[tiab] OR obstetric[tiab] OR postnatal[tiab] OR postpartum[tiab] OR prenatal[tiab] OR perinatal[tiab] OR infant*[tiab] OR interpartum[tiab] OR neonatal[tiab] OR maternal child nursing[MeSH] OR maternal health services[MeSH] OR delivery, obstetric[MeSH] OR obstetrics[MeSH] OR reproductive health [MeSH] OR family planning OR newborn*[tiab] OR baby[tiab] OR babies[tiab]
#4#1 AND #2 AND #3
  • MeSH, Medical Subject Headings; tiab, title/abstract; tw, text words.