Table 2

Presentation of patients who participated in the interview process to test the face validity and readability of the questionnaires after the first revision

Emergency hospital data from onsetTest of the revised
3-month questionnaire, n=25
Test of the revised
12-month questionnaire, n=22
Age (mean 73 years)
 ≥86 years24
 66–85 years129
 46–65 years107
 ≤45 years12
Data from the 3-month questionnaire
 Functioning and Disability
  Ambulation: Independent indoors and outdoors/independent indoors but dependent outdoors/dependent indoors and outdoors13/9/317/2/3
  Independent/dependent in going to the toilet20/518/4
  Independent/dependent in dressing18/717/5
  Not impaired speech/impaired speech21/420/2
  Not limited in reading/limited reading16/919/3
  Not limited in writing/limited writing20/516/6
  Not impaired swallowing/impaired swallowing24/120/2
  Never or almost never impaired memory/impaired memory7/188/14
 Community dwelling without/with community support*14/915/5
 Nursing home22
  • *Home help service.